Sunset Beach Ghost Walks

Sunset Beach Ghost WalksCome and hear about forgotten Civil War battles, haunted trains, lost ships, ghost planes, lights that baffle scientists, whiskey smugglers, haunted plantations, amazing apparitions, legends of lost treasure, and haunted houses, all here on Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach ghost walks!

The walks take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm on Ocean Isle and the groups will either meet at the public beach access between Salty’s and the Ocean Isle Pier for the Ocean Isle tour. Or every Wednesday at 7pm at The Sunset Beach Trading Company for the Sunset Beach ghost walk. The cost of the tour is $10 for each adult, and children ages 5 and under are free. The tours go from May 29th through August 29th, and will resume again in October for Halloween.

The tours are approximately one mile long with stops along the way. In the event of severe weather, the tours will be cancelled and the price of the ticket will be refunded. Tickets are sold 10-15 minutes before the walk, so please arrive early.

For more information visit, ¬†email [email protected] or call 910-221-4387.